Aeduris Campaign Notes

Campaign notes for our Aeduris Fantasy Campaign started in January 2018

Session 5: Displaced Denizens

Turning to the north after leaving the forest and heading for the Rift visible in the sky slightly to the east of the city of Duram, the party follows the road.

Session 4: Strange Occurrences

As the party was infiltrating the estate of Samuel Etriri, one of the Aerie Council members of Duram, Basil Blackburn was scouring the city looking for additional information on the Darklings they encountered at the Merchant Prince’s Estate.

Session 1: Cullpepper’s Fate, Stolen Shipments

On the 10th day of the 3rd month, on the Northern side of Duram, in the city which holds the same name, 7 adventurers randomly meet in the Duram’s Draught tavern, one of the finest taverns in the residential ward of the city. Greeted by the old gnomish engineer, Maeyln Garrick, the adventurers are offered what seems like a large amount of gold in order to retrieve some stolen property from an unknown party. Read More about “Session 1: Cullpepper’s Fate, Stolen Shipments”

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