Session 1: Commencement

Six students from the El'Thenar Academy, with varying studies from the Arcane to Divine, Martial and Mercenary are brought together by the Dean of the Academy to undergo a secret mission in the warring south of the continent. A mission that if failed, could mean the supremacy for the invading Sus'Ket orc Empire.

Making their way south along the western side of Imuskar, towards the Tamarian Woodland kingdom, the group noticed smoke, coming from approximately the same locations they had been camping each night. Eventually, the pursuers caught up with them, led by a white Sus'Ket orc, the group was attacked by night, though the attackers were relatively easily defeated. 

The next morning, the party continued on to the South and East, finding the small riverside town of Rivertown, there, they met a dwarf named Theren, who agreed act as a guide, for a price, leading the group to their destination of Forduin, and their contact, Talia Thunderhammer. Theren lead the group onto the river, which they followed for some time, before disembarking and entering a mountain pass.

What they thought was an attack by some Trogladytes, in fact turned out to be the creatures fleeing from a large, half Ogre / half Giant Scorpion. The group managed to defeat it, without to much trouble and continued on to the outskirts of Forduin.

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