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Campaign Notes for the Aeduris Campaign


Session 6: Denizens of Shadow

The party awakened about a mile outside the town they cleared out the night before, and quickly dispatched the lone zombie shambling through the trees. After which they packed up, and headed out towards the city, keeping to the road.

A few miles outside the city, they began seeing some strange bobbing lights in the farmlands on the sides of the road, with a strange purplish blue color to them. Deciding the lights were not so important, they continued on, only to discover one of the lights was in the middle of the road, and when they attempted to pass, it began to pulse, and attracted some of the others from the fields around them. Nairb decided to see what would happen if he got close to one of them, and was quickly and violently shocked, which also provoked the others that had began to gather into "investigating" the party members, attempting to fly through them, and each time, the member getting a not so minor shock.

After several moments, the party was able to dissipate two of the glowing wisps of light, and the other two that had joined disappeared on their own.

A short time later, the group made it back to the city. Outside the walls, a shieldwall had been setup, to allow refugees from the farm lands time to enter the city while the guards fended off skeletons and zombies who would surely attack the townsfolk.

Hemingar, seeing the group of undead, snuck into their ranks, and used thunderwave, to disrupt them even quicker, while Tawna dispatched several herself, and Nairb, wildshaped into a war horse, and ran several of his own down.

Being thanked by the soldiers, the group headed inside the city, as large groups of undead were starting to approach, this was starting to look like a siege.

Nordred went to see what he could find out about what the city leaders know about the situation, and was directed by Rhizzad to the Dersain Academy, he met up with the remainder of the group, and passed by an area of the city under heavy quarantine, it seems the unnatural conditions caused by the rift outside the city were starting to spread, and undead were popping up in places they shouldn't be able to.

The group met with the Dersain counsil, several high ranking mages and wizards within the academy, and after giving their report about what caused the rift in the first place, were informed that it would take a massive amount of energy to close it. They were given a clue as to the location of a possible source of such power, an orb, similar to the one used to open the rift. But it is uncertain as to whether the artifact is indeed still in the ruins where the archmage remembers seeing it as a child. He dispatches the group to find it, sixty miles to the north east, in an ancient elven ruin.

Session 5: Displaced Denizens

Turning to the north after leaving the forest and heading for the Rift visible in the sky slightly to the east of the city of Duram, the party follows the road.

Spending the better part of a day traveling, they encounter large amounts of traffic heading south on the road, mostly villagers fleeing from the influence of the tear in the sky, they find out that the rift is just outside the city, and has been dropping large balls of fire and other things. The city guard have begun engaging the various entities that are now appearing, while others have begun to fall back to the Aerie ward to protect the Council.

Continuing north along the road, something has changed. Where there should be a simple road, there is now a dark, foreboding seemingly abandoned village, with a small crater surrounding it, and the flora and very ground itself shifting into a dull grey color, clearly something that either shifted or fell from the Shadowfell rift in the sky nearby. Sneaking in, Tawna discovers a large undead monstrosity, appearing to be part dwarf, stitched together with parts of giants and goliaths to be a massive flabby beast barely able to stand on its own stunted crushed legs.

Hemingar decided to try to communicate with the giant, which was somewhat successful, and they learned the creature, named Grummus, was not alone, and had at least a brother named Grimmus also in the small village. They also learned that the creature has an insatiable hunger, and will eat just about anything, indicating that the half-orc looked "tasty". This was interrupted however, when he noticed the halfling approaching, and decided that she was bite sized, and began to lumber towards her.

Nairb, not wanting to see his friend eaten by this, thing, cast Fog Cloud before rushing in and turning into a constrictor snake to try to grapple Grummus. The party began attacking the creature, but not before Grummus pinned the snake, reverting Nairb to his original form, with his amble presence. After several moments, the wind began clearing the fog cloud, just in time for Nairb to wild shape into a Stench Kow, and with the pressure of the giants body on him, causing the Kow to be launched 10 feet into the side of a building.

The party managed to kill Grummus, and then continue on beginning to search the village, trying to find out why the flow of refugees has stopped, and discovering 3 Vorokhoi Zombies, along with a Vorokhoi Mage Champion, who began attacking the party. The group was able to defeat them fairly easily, though they did suffer some damage. 

As they continued to search for survivors, they did find several refugee bodies, slashed and dead, near the edge of the town. They also discovered the brother, Grimmus, and after trying to talk to him and not getting anywhere, other then finding out that he has a similar appetite as his brother, engaged and defeated the second giant.

Clearing out the rest of the village, they discovered one last enemy, a beholder zombie that had either been summoned into a room with only a door, or had somehow managed to get in there and could not get out, so, Nordred decided to burn the building down, killing the zombie, and finishing their at least short term mission of making the area safe for the refugees to continue moving through the village. 

Session 4: Strange Occurrences

As the party was infiltrating the estate of Samuel Etriri, one of the Aerie Council members of Duram, Basil Blackburn was scouring the city looking for additional information on the Darklings they encountered at the Merchant Prince's Estate. Finding no real new information, he returned to the Prince's to find him recovering, with Adviser Rhizzad caring for him. Rhizzad informed Basil where the rest of the party was located, and he went to find them. As he arrived, he found the Athanon and Nairb swapping places, to care for the three people found in the dungeon. From there, the group moved on to take out the group of drunken guards who were in the southern room, and then moved into the Alchemy lab they found.  Nairb, wild shaped into a Steeder, and scared the small monkey familiar of William Etrari, which was sitting on the alchemy table, and it broke a vial that was on the table, disappearing into the next room.

Basil decided to try one of the concoctions that was just laying around in the lab, which proved to be caustic, though it didn't do much to him. They noticed a series of 8 glyphs written on small pads next to the sealed stone, as they pressed them, they glowed either blue or red, and selecting the correct series allowed them to enter the room which contained Etriri, in the middle of completing an incantation involving a blue fist sized sphere. As Etriri completed his incantations, the sphere , which he referred to as the Core of Sandor, cracked, and a small tremor occurred within the mountain. He then began to address the party, rather cordially, as an old man about to die, and explained to them what he was doing. The ageless queen of Pine March to the south, Anmara Loren, had tasked several of Pine Marches most powerful magic users with breaking multiple elven memory cores, and using the power released to open a rift between the prime material plane the shadowfell, to allow undead to pass freely, under the control of the queen. Etriri then layed down on the makeshift bed in the study, and passed away, having expended the last of his energy to break the core.

Hemingar then left to report their findings to the prince, before returning to find the rest of the party ready to depart through the cavern tunnel at the south of the estate, which led beneath the walls of the city and out into the thick Pine forest outside. There they picked up the trail of the princess, and tracked her and homeguard Talisen for nearly two days before losing the trail.

After taking a wrong path for a few hours into the forest again off the road, the party exited back the way they came, and discovered that while covered by the forest canopy, the rift they had been warned about by Etriri had indeed been opened.

Session 3: An Advisor’s Call

After the party cleaned up the attacking creatures, these Vorokai Darklings, small fey creatures created in ages past as spies and assassins for Emperor Vorokai himself, they were summoned back up stairs to Prince Fargrim Brazziks study once more, to find the smoldering after effects of a fire bolt, and the oily smear of another darkling who had attacked the prince with a "dagger of venom", covered with black vein poison while the party was downstairs.

Adviser Rhizzad carries the prince to his stateroom, where Athanon begins to heal him, though not fully, at least stemming the damage from the poison, and stopping it from progressing. The Adviser informs the party that he will perform a scrying ritual to locate the abducted princess, and that the consequences for doing so are fairly harsh. He finds that the princess is being taken, unconscious, to the home of Council rival, Samuel Etrari, and that Home-guard Talisen is with her. As the party leaves to pursue them, Rhizzad slips the dagger into the rear of the belt of the half-ling, Tawna, unknowingly.

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The party arrives at the Councillors home on the other side of the Aerie ward of the city, and discovers it nearly abandoned, with two guards outside, one of which is dead, the other on deaths door. Tawna and Hemingar begin to infiltrate the premises, while "Brothers" Nordred and Athanon kick in the front door. The home is empty, though Nairb, wild shaped into a horse, discovers that the princess Amberle and Talisen were indeed here, though where is unknown. They search the empty home, locating a locked door, containing the seemingly enshrined room of the presumed deceased father of Samuel Etrari, William, a renowned Alchemist and former Nominee to the Aerie Council.

Upon searching the entire house, Nairb locates a secret entrance to a subterranean level, while Nordred runs outside to attract the attention of the "local authorities" and the party descends into the darkness. Finding a small room with a fountain, and Tawna notices that the door on the far side of the room closes slowly as she enters the room.

Quietly, the party begins to search the room, though Nairb decides to play in the fountain, wild shaped as a wolf. Tawna and Hemingar search a northern hallway where they locate a pit trap obscured by a thick layer of fog and mist, while Nairb's frolicking attracts the attention of the guards who were posted in the next room, along with a a strange armored Zombie, which was present with them.

Defeating the Zombie and one of the guards, and knocking out a third, Hemingar talks with one the remaining conscious guard, which he had used the spell friends on, to discover that the guards who were found dead and dying were "traitors" to the house, and that the guards down here are in fact guarding the estate, and according to him, Lord William Etrari is not dead, but in fact very much alive, and that the  Zombies are some of his "experiments with Alchemy".

While the party was engaged, Tawna was exploring a small crypt she located at the back of the trapped hallway, and in doing so, awoke a second zombie, which attacked her, and chased her into the hallway where she tricked it into falling into the pit trap.

Continuing on, the party locked the remaining guard in the guardhouse, and proceeded to locate an Armory, and a prison with a woman and her two children, whom William had apparently been experimenting on. Nairb stayed with the small family to tend to their condition and give them some additional food and water, while the rest of the party continued into a natural cavern.

In the cavern, while crossing a bridge, Nordred was attacked by a Nothic, nearly killing him. Once dispatched, Athanon found a beautiful silver sheath, while Hemingar located the Long sword "Talon", in the chasm that the Nothic was using as a lair. The party pushed forward, after healing Nordred a bit, and located two more rooms, quietly peeking into one, Tawna found 4 more guards, drunk, and playing cards around a table, with the fourth throwing a dagger at a dart board. Backing out of that room, they opened the door across the hall to find an alchemists workshop, full of apparatus and bubbling liquids, and a monkey like creature that they saw perched on the shoulder of William Etrari in the portrait in his locked and enshrined bedroom.

Session 2: Cullpeppers Fate (Part 2) and meeting with the Prince.

The party spent the night in the goblin caves, searching the area for the crates of firearms, which they found along with a quiver of magical arrows and a moon-touched longsword. Continuing on deeper into the cave, they discovered the remaining goblins which Hemingar had located earlier, and spent several minutes dispatching them without to much trouble. Basil worked on a pulley system to move the crates, while Nairb, Tawna, Nordred and Athanon went to get one of the wagons from the original goblin ambush. Nairb wild shaped into an Ox to pull the cart all the way back to the city, where they delivered the crates of firearms back to Cullpepper and collect their reward.

Nordred and Athanon worked on building a blunderbuss while the remainder of the group went out to either acquire new equipment or visit one of the local temples to gather some information. 

Upon returning to the Duram Draught Tavern for the night, they were greeted by one of the Homeguard named Talisen, the Ruling Councils personal guard, and escorted to the home of Merchant Prince Fargrim Brazzik, the current ruler of the Aerie Council, upon request of Adviser Rhizzad, the princes Elven adviser.

Reaching the Prince's home, they were led into the upstairs study, where the adviser and prince explained the situation. 

Cullpepper had nearly immediately informed the Prince of the situation with the Goblins, and of the work that the party did to regain his stolen equipment, and suggested that if his friend was having some issues of his own, that they may be a good place to look for additional security.

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The Prince informed the group on not one, but two issues which came up while they were out dealing with the goblins. Firstly, that one of the Homeguard had attempted to kidnap his daughter, Amberle Brazzik, for unknown reasons, and Second, that while he was doing so, there was an attempt on her life by some strange unknown creatures. 

While they group was getting this information however, the prince's home was being infiltrated by those same creatures. The princes, having been briefly attacked, locked herself in her room, while the other Homeguard  attempted to get her to saftey, and secure the house, they however failed, and were not seen again. The party rushed into the hallway, encountering several of the small oily black creatures they would later discover to be called Vorokai Darklings, and went to battle, defeating the four that had managed their way upstairs, disguised as some of the Homeguard, and discovering that the princess had fled from the home, and then defeating the other four which had remained downstairs.

The group now has a decision to make, do they rush after the young Dwarven princess, securing House Brazzik's station as Merchant Prince and head of the Council, do they search for the source of the Vorokai Darklings, these strange fabled creatures seemingly out of nightmares, or simply go on their way, avoiding the conflict and living their lives as normal.

Session 1: Cullpepper’s Fate, Stolen Shipments

In the year 830 IY, War erupts on the Kehler end of the Greater Faraspa Trail. The conflict began as a fight between powerful mages over a newly reopened Elven portal site, but quickly expanded into a full war between the Grand Duchy of Silverwater and Pine March. The ruler of Pine March, Queen Anmara Loren, began using undead allies and dabbling with Vorokhoi cultists in a search for a military edge. As a result of this, the Principality of Duram entered the war on the side of Silverwater. The two countries hoped to end the war quickly, before the Ascendant Kehler Empire uses Queen Anmara’s vile and dangerous allies as an excuse to declare a crusade and extend Imperial territory further into the region than ever before.

The Principality of Duram

On the 10th day of the 3rd month, on the Northern side of Duram, in the city which holds the same name, 7 adventurers randomly meet in the Duram’s Draught tavern, one of the finest taverns in the residential ward of the city. Greeted by the old gnomish engineer, Maeyln Garrick, the adventurers are offered what seems like a large amount of gold in order to retrieve some stolen property from an unknown party. They meet with the one paying them, Lord Wilfred Cullpepper, owner of the weapons shop, Cullpeppers Fate, and manufacturer of “the finest firearms in the Kehler lands. Cullpepper offers the party 100 gp a piece up front, and another 250 gp each upon receipt of the stolen shipment of firearms. The wealthy nobleman even offers to pay for resurrection services in the event that some of the party does not survive the ordeal, not knowing exactly what they are dealing with.

The newly formed party accepts the contract, and is put up in the tavern where they accepted the job. Departing in the morning, they find there way approximately 25 miles south, where they locate the site of the ambushed caravan. One cart appears to have had the gunpowder barrel that it was carrying ignited, and it was blown apart, the other two housed hidden goblins, one of which attacked the human tempest cleric Basil Blackburn, before being killed by the party. Nairb Lledroc, the elven druid, wild shaped into a badger, and approached the second cart, and was attacked by a second goblin, as he did so, the party moved forward to engage, when a hobgoblin rushed out of the forest to try to ambush this new party. It and the second goblin were both dispatched, and the party began searching for clues as to which way the ambushers companions might have taken the stolen crates of firearms in. Nairb and Tawna Tealeaf, the halfling rogue, discovered that the Goblins had come from the west, and that they were heading east along the stream, which led north into a cliff side cavern.

Athenon Ruttcutter, the human cleric, approached the cave, and noticed two sleeping goblins in a copse of trees, he and Basil dispatched them, as Merlin, the Dragonborn Ranger approached the mouth of the cave. Tawna explored the entrance of the cave, noticing a small side cavern, and saw two wolves stalking about. Merlin, entered the cave to see if she could pick one off, but was caught off guard as one charged her. Nairb wild shaped into a Boar, and the party proceeded to get locked into the mouth of the cave until Nordred Ruttcutter, the dwarven ranger, pulled her back, allowing the rest of the group to kill the wolves.

The party proceeded carefully into the cave, with Tawna scouting ahead, Nairb taking up guard on the outside of the cave, and Hemingar, the parties half orc bard, climbing up a small ledge about 20 feet up on the western wall. There, he found several goblins, seemingly unaware or uninterested in his presence, and managed to capture one, which he brought back to the party to interrogate. After several bumps on the head, and Nordred unsuccessfully speaking with the goblin, it screamed a warning, and was summarily killed.

The party continued on, encountering more goblins in a cave with a pond or source for the stream outside, which they easily dispatched, before moving deeper to find several goblins and a hobgoblin and his pet wolf around a fire, with a large cache of crates and boxes. They were able to defeat them, using flanking tactics, and distraction to draw them out and kill them one at a time. After that they investigated the crates, and set watches so they could get some much needed rest, as it was getting late, and the group had been traveling and fighting for the majority of the day.

Session #0: Character Creation and Setting Overview

Character Creation Rules for Aeduris Campaign.

The campaign will be starting at level 2, and will be using the creation rules found in the player handbook.

The setting is Andy’s Aeduris Campaign Setting, you don’t need to read the entire thing, its long, both he and I can help with determing where your characters are from etc.

We’ll also be experimenting with milestone experience, meaning that characters would level after significant events, or every couple of sessions to keep things moving along at a pretty even pace.

Stats are either point buy with a max of 15 points in a stat and total of 27 points, or standard array found in the players handbook, (15,14,13,12,10,8, your choice what goes where), then your racial bonuses.

Hit points can be rolled for after character creation. At the time of character creation, use the hit point max for your class at level 1 to determine your starting hit points, and then following the rules for your class for second level.

Racial options from below, with the following exceptions (No Aarakocra, Kenku, Firbolg, Taxabi, or Yuan-ti Pureblood). If you need a copy of any of these books, let me know and I will provide one.

*Due to their rarity in this setting, full blooded Elves need to be cleared with the DM, as they’re may be some stipulations, such as age and background.

Class Options from the following. If you need a copy of any of these books, let me know and I will provide one.

Backgrounds can be from anywhere, though they may need to be massaged to fit into the setting, which is fine.

You can find all the character creation documents here.

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