Adventurers League Characters


A researcher at Candlekeep, focusing on the Arcane arts, Alexius left his work behind, choosing to experience adventure and hopefully discover something that may be learned by others one day.

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Maelyn Garrick (Deceased)

Maelyn was born in Phlan, he grew up in Phlan, and then, at the age of 50, moved to Waterdeep where he joined the city watch. When he heard that his hometown had been attacked by a Dragon, and his family either killed, or enslaved, he was furious, and immediately headed back to the aid of the small town he loved.

Maelyn was killed by a displacer beast in the Vault of the Devourer. Read More about “Maelyn Garrick (Deceased)”

Theren Greycastle

Theren was raised by his father, Randal Greycastle, a smithy, in Daggerford, near Waterdeep along with his half-brother, Vaellen. Theren found comfort in the clergy, choosing to follow the path of Tyr, to help those passing on find some comfort in their fate. Read More about “Theren Greycastle”

Vaellen Greycastle

The half-brother of Theren Greycastle, a well known Cleric of Tyr in Daggerford, Vaellen was always a bit of a black sheep, causing his father Randal Greycastle, a local smith, and the local authorities a seemingly never ending supply of grief. Spending much of his young adult life either locked up for petty crimes, or at the local tavern, Vaellen finally decided to put his skills to use and attempt to make a living for himself following after his brothers example, and becoming an adventurer. Read More about “Vaellen Greycastle”

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