Adventurers League Characters

Characters created for D&D Adventurers League

Vaellen Greycastle

Vaellen Greycastle grew up being tormented by some unperceived force. When he was 12, late at night, an older man came to his home seeking help…

Theren Greycastle

Theren was raised by his father, Randal Greycastle, a smithy, in Daggerford, near Waterdeep, along with his adopted brother Vaellen

Berenger “Bingo” Barrowes

Barely noticeable at his diminutive size, Berenger has tussled blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He wears a long coat over his leathers…

Caethial Blackfeather

With short brown hair and brown eyes, Caethial is nothing special. He has several days of growth on his beard and white and brown leathers.

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