Vaellen Greycastle

Image by Skara - The Blade Remains on Artstation

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Hexblade Warlock


With nearly shoulder length brown hair and blue eyes, Vaellen is tall and handsome, if not somewhat troubled looking. He has several days of growth on his beard and wears dark leathers under dark blue cowl and tabard with an icon of a gray sword hilt on it.

Character History

Vaellen Greycastle grew up being tormented by some unperceived force. When he was 12, late at night, an older man came to his home seeking help, this old man murdered his father and was in the process of attempting to kill his mother when Vaellen grabbed the first thing he could find, a small wooden soldier toy and jammed in into the mans back, accidentally piercing his heart, and turning the attacker to ashes, and his mother was saved.

Unseen and unknown, was a darker entity saw Vaellen’s act of heroism, and began slowly working on the young boys mind, twisting his perceptions, stealing the child’s innocence, and warping his thoughts. In time, his mother saw the changes in her son, and tried to bring her child back from this dark turn.

Eventually, the dark entity revealed itself, a masked and cowled man wielding a silver and gold sword, and used the blade to strike down the boys mother. Upon seeing this, Vaellen once again sprang into action, a bit older now, stronger, and overcome with anger and grief, he struck out at the man with a silver sword that once belonged to his father, who vanished into a black mist along with the blade which had killed his mother.

The only thing the boy remembers are words of regret that he heard in his mind on that cold winter night, a solemn apology from the blade that took everything he knew from him, and a promise to help him learn and give him power to find and destroy the cowled man.

Over the next several years, Vaellen lived in temples and on the streets, before being adopted by a local smith in Daggerford, named Randall Greycastle. Always haunted by the mysterious dark figure in the shadows, just outside his range of vision, and quiet whispers that no one else seemed to hear. Vaellen began learning from one of the voices, the same one he remembered from that fateful night, and spoke in a soft female voice, reminiscent of his mothers.

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