Aeduris Campaign Characters

 Characters and Notable non-player characters found in the Aeduris Campaign, run every other Saturday, starting on January 13th, 2018

Hemingar, Half-Orc Bard

Hemingar is a Half-Orc from the “Kingdom of Storms”, which lies far across the Hillayet Sea to the northwest.

Nairb Lledroc, Wood Elf Druid

Nairb Lledroc is a wood elf druid from a small Elven forest village. He was banished from his home for crimes against the elven people.

Maelyn Garrick

Maelyn is an engineer, responsible for locating and “acquiring” the materials to make high quality firearms.

Adviser Rhizzad

Former student at the Dursain Academy, and adviser to the Aerie Council

Prince Fargrim Brazzik

Fargrim Brazzik is the appointed merchant prince of the city of Durham, and head of the Aerie Council

Amberle Brazzik

Amberle Brazzik is the daughter of Merchant Prince Fargrim Brazzik, and heir to his Aerie Council seat

Homeguard Talisen

A trusted member of the Homeguard of Duram, the personal guards to the Aerie council.

William Etrari (Deceased)

Briefly an appointee to the Aerie Council of Duram, where he and his family are from is slightly shrouded in mystery.

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