William Etrari (Deceased)

Image by ruiheng Liu on Artstation

Briefly an appointee to the Aerie Council of Duram, where he and his family are from is slightly shrouded in mystery. A renowned alchemist, he moved to Duram approximately five years earlier, bringing with him his son, Samuel and his son's family. Approximately three and a half years after arriving in Duram, He was appointed to the Aerie Council, it was announced only two weeks later that he had passed away, and that his son, Samuel Atreri would be filling his seat. His body was never found.

The party witnessed his death shortly after he completed a ritual involving the Orb of Sandor, an Elven Remembrance Orb created by a very old elf who had connections to Pine March. The ritual later went on to enable a rift to be opened near Duram between the shadowfell and the forested area around the city.

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