Theren Graycastle

Race: Human (Varient / Kehler)

Class: Rogue (Thief) / Cleric (War)

Rough History

Given a choice to fight against the Vorokhoi or to labor in the mines for the rest of his life, Theren Graycastle chose to fight. Though formerly a criminal, now Theren serves as an agent of King Hesketos II. He is a grim, stealthy man who served in the mountains with Alerius Caratillus.

Winter in the Field

Winter has come, and with it a chill that I am thankful I did not have to endure alone. It's been only a short time since our meeting at the old Dwarf ruins, and my joining this strange group, not unlike my last.

The patrols have increased, no doubt looking for the tiles we liberated from one of the caravans. The mule handlers were rather forthcoming with information after they saw that we meant what we said about releasing them, and they provided myself and Alerius with enough information as to where we should begin looking for the patrols, to continue our trouble making.

Finding them was not difficult, though the forces they brought with them to find those who took their precious tiles was significantly stronger than expected. Mostly, it was the ghouls and the demon that was summoned by the priest that made the difference in this particular battle. I do not remember who felled the dark being, or if it was felled it all, only that in a heartbeat that seemed to last hours, we had lost one of our own, Brother Augustus.

After the battle concluded, we did our best to cover our tracks as we limped back to our camp in the now falling snow, the body of Augustus, being watched over carefully by his cousin.

That night, we prepared a pyre for our friend, and as it burned, Alerius and Myself stood watch, making sure that the others had the opportunity to mourn undisturbed.

When the flash of light and the concussion came, we initially thought we had been found, and rushed to see what I can only discribe as a miracle, Augustus had come back, his body no longer burned by the fires of the funeral pyre, and his clothes... well, missing, with the luminescent incorporeal being floating behind him.

In speaking with him, he seemed, different... changed. As though something in him had come back stronger. This inspires me, I have heard of resurrections before, dangerous and difficult, and fairly rare, but have never seen one in person, and especially not one without a living priest present.



After returning to the city, everyone went their seperate ways, I returned for a short time, to give my reports of my original missons, and to give the unfortunate news of my groups defeat. I then offered up my services to the temple to Aurintuli.

I have spent my life selfishly, first as a common thief, then as a soldier attempting to escape my own past, never caring for or believing in anything greater than myself. I have always known of the gods, a passing curiousity at most. I find myself now though, having seen their power directly manifested in front of my own eyes, seeking to be more, to serve someone or something other than my own selfishness.

The priests are far more strict than I expected, and this path will not be easy. I have doubts, not in the power or presence of Aurintuli, but within myself. Am I truely worthy to be an Acolyte of His faith?


I have discussed my doubts with the clerics, and they have assured me, that with devotion comes purging fires. But still I have doubts in myself. My skillset does not mesh well with some of the priests, though they are accepting of much.

As an acolyte, I have requested to be let loose on the enemies of Aurintuli, a dark fire to burn them to ashes, to do what others with cleaner spirits may not and to aid the spear of the Dawnseekers in his mission.

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