Thervan Ariessus


His pale, almost translucent skin, jet black hair and red eyes betray his true nature. 


Once a high elf, most of his history has been lost to the passage of time. It is not known if even he remembers his life before being corrupted and turned.

Thervan Ariessus's new life began the day he was turned into a vampire. Seduced by a woman with skin cold as ice, who offered him power and immortality, such as had by the first elves. He accepted the union with the woman, first, becoming her thrall, and as the ages past, becoming more powerful, and eventually surpassing even her in cruelty and mercilessness. Spending much of his time underground, delving deeply into the ancient tombs of the Dwarves and Elves, seeking artifacts of power, he eventually found what he was looking for; a blade of ancient Elven smiths, one like he had never seen before, Dawnbringer

He spent years, infusing the blade with magic, attempting to twist its purpose and power into something truly special. After several long and arduous years, the fruits of his labor came to harvest. He had empowered the long sword with so much magical energy that the blade shattered, and was replaced by one of pure sunlight, almost as if the weapon was attempting to thwart and destroy him itself. Not realizing at the time that the energy he had infused into the weapon had caused the sword to become aware. 

The weapons transformation had caused significant damage to the now elder vampire, forcing him to wear a shroud whenever he is in the presence of the blade. Thervan began trying to dominate the will of Dawnbringer, until he was finally able to force the blade into his service through sheer willpower. Knowing the weapon had nearly mortally wounded him, he began searching for beings in which he could siphon the energy and power out of. 

One night, nearly a hundred years after bending Dawnbringer to his will, Thervan believed he had found what he was looking for. One of his thralls was destroyed by a young boy, Vaellen, who appeared to have incredible courage and fortitude for such a young child.

Thervan spent the next few years watching the child from the shadows, silently twisting the boys mind through whispers and dreams. When he came to the boys home to claim his prize, he was thwarted by Dawnbringer, who warned the child of what was coming. The child using the same anger and rage that had thwarted his minion several years earlier, though this time with sword owned by his father, the boy struck out with the silvered weapon, and though the battle was quick, and the blade damaged by a swift parry by Dawnbringer, the battle was enough to cause him to flee, and bide his time. Unfortunately, the child was vigilent of the vampire, and over the next 15 years, spent most of his life at temples, allowing Thervan to only glimpse what he once hoped would be his progeny.

Race: Formerly High Elf, Presently Vampire

Class: Unknown

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