“Critical Role” Exandria Calendar Module for Fantasy Grounds

This is a calendar module for the Critical Role Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting to be used with Fantasy Grounds, it includes all the days/months/and holidays found in the Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide published by Green Ronin Games and Geek and Sundry. It is a supplement based on the Twitch Live Stream Show “Critical Role

Download Here

Adventurer’s League Season 7, Tomb of Annihilation Surrogates Module for Fantasy Grounds

When a player dies in Season 7 of D&D Adventurer’s League, they cannot be resurrected, and instead must either make a new character, losing the one that died forever, or take on a surrogate, which they can play until they break the death curse. This module for Fantasy Grounds includes the templates for all of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Surrogates that are available to the players.

Download Here

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