Session #1: Cullpepper’s Fate, Stolen Shipments

In the year 830 IY, War erupts on the Kehler end of the Greater Faraspa Trail. The conflict began as a fight between powerful mages over a newly reopened Elven portal site, but quickly expanded into a full war between the Grand Duchy of Silverwater and Pine March. The ruler of Pine March, Queen Anmara Loren, began using undead allies and dabbling with Vorokhoi cultists in a search for a military edge. As a result of this, the Principality of Duram entered the war on the side of Silverwater. The two countries hoped to end the war quickly, before the Ascendant Kehler Empire uses Queen Anmara’s vile and dangerous allies as an excuse to declare a crusade and extend Imperial territory further into the region than ever before. On the 10th day of the 3rd month, on the Northern side of Duram, in the city which holds the same name, 7 adventurers randomly meet in the Duram’s Draught tavern, one of the finest taverns in the residential ward of the city. Greeted by the old gnomish engineer, Maeyln Garrick, the adventurers are offered what seems like a large amount of gold in order to retrieve some stolen property from an unknown party. They meet with the one paying them, Lord Wilfred Cullpepper, owner of the weapons shop, Cullpeppers Fate, and manufacturer of “the finest firearms in the Kehler lands. Cullpepper offers the party 100 gp a piece up front, and another 250 gp each upon receipt of the stolen shipment of firearms. The wealthy nobleman even offers to pay for resurrection services in the event that some of the party does not survive the ordeal, not knowing exactly what they are dealing with. The newly formed party accepts the contract, and is put up in the tavern where they accepted the job. Departing in the morning, they find there way approximately 25 miles south, where they locate the site of the ambushed caravan. One cart appears to have had the gunpowder barrel that it was carrying ignited, and it was blown apart, the other two housed hidden goblins, one of which attacked the human tempest cleric Basil Blackburn, before being killed by the party. Nairb Lledroc, the elven druid, wild shaped into a badger, and approached the second cart, and was attacked by a second goblin, as he did so, the party moved forward to engage, when a hobgoblin rushed out of the forest to try to ambush this new party. It and the second goblin were both dispatched, and the party began searching for clues as to which way the ambushers companions might have taken the stolen crates of firearms in. Nairb and TawnaTealeaf, the halfling rogue, discovered that the Goblins had come from the west, and that they were heading east along the stream, which led north into a cliff side cavern. Athenon Ruttcutter, the human cleric, approached the cave, and noticed two sleeping goblins in a copse of trees, he and Basil dispatched them, as Merlin, the Dragonborn Ranger approached the mouth of the cave. Tawna explored the entrance of the cave, noticing a small side cavern, and saw two wolves stalking about. Merlin, entered the cave to see if she could pick one off, but was caught off guard as one charged her. Nairb wild shaped into a Boar, and the party proceeded to get locked into the mouth of the cave until NordredRuttcutter, the dwarven ranger, pulled her back, allowing the rest of the group to kill the wolves. The party proceeded carefully into the cave, with Tawna scouting ahead, Nairb taking up guard on the outside of the cave, and Hemingar, the parties half orc bard, climbing up a small ledge about 20 feet up on the western wall. There, he found several goblins, seemingly unaware or uninterested in his presence, and managed to capture one, which he brought back to the party to interrogate. After several bumps on the head, and Nordred unsuccessfully speaking with the goblin, it screamed a warning, and was summarily killed. The party continued on, encountering more goblins in a cave with a pond or source for the stream outside, which they easily dispatched, before moving deeper to find several goblins and a hobgoblin and his pet wolf around a fire, with a large cache of crates and boxes. They were able to defeat them, using flanking tactics, and distraction to draw them out and kill them one at a time. After that they investigated the crates, and set watches so they could get some much needed rest, as it was getting late, and the group had been traveling and fighting for the majority of the day.
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