Session #1: Little Hope

The crew of the little hope heard a rumor about a possibly un-plundered bank vault on the outskirts of the city of New Benedict on the planet Miranda, the origin of the Reavers, and the center-point of a lot of controversy over the last few years, effectively being the catalyst for the downfall of the Alliance, and the current state of the ‘Verse.

After travelling there, the crew found their ship, the little hope, under attack from Reavers, and as they plummeted to the planet while under fire, the Pilot, Annie Amarillo, managed to line the ship up well enough for Captain Marcia Dylan and Medic, Joel Hogan, to take a few shots at the Trans-U that was following them into the atmosphere, while “Devil Anse” fired the ships missles at the perusing ship, causing it to break off its chase.

The ship crashed into Lake Benedict, the crew rushed to get out of the ship, being forced to swim several hundred yards to shore, while they watched their ship, and only way off planet, sink to the bottom.

Captain Dylan managed to see while she was escaping, an old alliance bunker in the mountains with an antenna tower, and so the crew made their way there. Upon arrival at the bunker, they found a significant amount of animal tracks, and some human tracks leading into the seemingly abandoned and dilapidated bunker. Annie decided to enter, Rayne followed along the side.

Making their way inside, Rayne and Annie lead the way and cleared rooms quietly, while the rest of the crew followed behind. Ansel, tripped over something, and made a lot of noise, alerting a Reaver who had been using the commanders quarters for its personal nest, who then shot an arrow into his chest. As soon as he did, Ansel, Joel and the Captain, all unloaded several shots into the reaver, knocking it off its feet and killing it pretty much instantly.

The group then proceeded to clear the rest of the floor, with Rayne finding several SMGs and supplies, and Ansel and Annie finding a reactor, which they turned on, and closed the fire doors, trapping a large group of reavers in the hallway leading to the second floor.

After coming up with a plan, the crew opened a single fire door, allowing the reavers to come rushing at them and into a kill pocket, where the crew was able to dispatch all eleven with treatable injuries. They then continued to the second floor, where they found the reaver’s nest, though now clear, along with the med station, where Joel found a canister of Pax (the chemical responsible for turning people into the reavers during the Miranda Event) and several vials of antidote. Frederick freaked out and demanded an injection of the antidote, which Joel provided.

Proceeding to the third level, the crew found three hangers, in one, several SRAVs, small jet like fighters, in various stages of disrepair. In the second, they found a Y-929 Stretch freighter, which would need about a week worth of repairs to be usable. And in the third hanger, they found an armed alliance Currier, which would also require about a weeks worth of repairs.

After some discussion, the group decided to repair the YV-929, and use that to escape this rock, and Ansell got to work, while the others scavenged as much food and equipment as they could before the ship was finished. Finding a significant amount of equipment that could be salvaged and stored in the ship, they then proceeded to leave Miranda behind, and headed for New Cairo, Haven.

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