Session #10: Inside the Brunyahr Mines

The party comes out of their rest, and has made the decision to take Lord Mercer Loren to the Eastern Watchtower on the border of Duram and Pine March, there, they should be able to locate loyal members of the military whom will be able to transport the prisoner North, to the city of Duram to be held. Hemingar and Nordred make the journey while Tawna and Nairb scout out the mines where they believe Talisen was heading when they arrived at Mercer’s Manor. Hemingar and Nordred arrive at the watchtower a little under a day later, with Mercer in tow, and deliver him to the ranking Dwarven officer at the site. The officer informs them that he will be pulling forces from the western watch tower, including Nordred’s “Brother” to escort the prisoner back to the city, where he will stand trial and possibly be imprisoned. Satisfied with this outcome, the two ride back north to Dawn’s Ridge, where they meet back up with Tawna and Nairb. The halfling and wood-elf have been scounting the outside and inside of an old Dwarven mine, which was sealed with a large thick stone door. They discovered two patrols that had been making their rounds over the last day, and were confident that they could take them out when the rest of the party arrived. Entering the mine, they traveled quietly due to Nairb’s “Pass without Trace” spell, and were able to locate the two guards not currently on patrol. They were able to easily dispatch them, and set up a trap and kill-zone for the other two before engaging them. With both patrols removed from the picture, the party began searching the mine for any signs of Talisen. What they found, was a small underground grotto, with an old dock, but no signs of use any time recently. Suddenly, Tawna spotted two large scaled dog like creatures, which Hemingar identified as guard drakes, domesticated Dragon kin that are usually used to keep valuables safe. The group began to fight the drakes, while Nairb, wild shaped into a constrictor snake, made his way through the tunnel, and found a second dock along with Talisen, and his captive, Princess Amberle. As Talisen pushed the princess into the small boat, Nairb burst out of the water, grappled Talisen, and brought him to the bottom of the 10 foot deep river leading out of the cave. The party was able to defeat the drakes, and moves to try to save the princess, whose boat was now travelling on its own down the river. Nairb released Talisen to grab the boat, while Hemingar “persuaded” Talisen to give up, which he accepted. The party once again took a short rest, while tying up Talisen for their journey back up north to Duram.
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