Session #11: Going North

The party awoke from their rest the next morning after subduing Talisen and rescuing the dwarf princess Amberle. Hemingar spent some time to bind and gag Talisen before putting a hood over him and placing him on the back of his horse. They then rode north, stopping each night to camp and rest. On the 4th night of their five day journey, the group is awakened by Amberle screaming in her sleep, apparently having a nightmare. Talisen and Hemingar got to talking, Hemingar asking Talisen why he kidnapped the princess, and to his surprise, he was rather forthcoming, explaining that he was to deliver the princess to Pine March, and in exchange, Duram would be completely left out of the war. The price of one person to save thousands. They were then surprised to see two bandits crossing the road, and attempting to sneak up on the group. A total of 7 bandits attempted to attack the group, however, Nairb summoned a pack of wolves, and transformed himself into a dire wolf, and between the wolves, Hemingar and Tawna, they were able to dispatch the bandits without much trouble. The party then returned to their rest, with one bandit having run into the forest, not expected to come back. In the morning they continued North again, finally reaching the city of Duram, where they delivered both the “Traitor” Talisen and Amberle to the Council, and reunite her with her father. The party is paid for their service, and take the rest of the evening to restock and upgrade their equipment, and get some rest before returning to the Council chambers to hear the latest rumors. The rumors are that mines under the city have been evacuated, several Elementals have been causing some trouble near the smithy, and the council would like them dealt with. The party agrees and after purchasing some potions of fire resistance, move down into the tunnels. Once arriving, they find the smithy and attached caverns abandoned. Moving deeper, they find that as they go deeper, it gets significantly hotter, eventually coming to a small river of molten rock winding through a cavern with a small bridge arching over it, on the other side, a fire elemental, the party was able to dispatch it, but as they did, they heard the sound of someone down the passage way screaming “NO!” and they pursued.
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