Session #12: Fiery Diplomacy

After defeating the Fire elemental, the party saw what appeared to be two individuals deeper in the cavern, arguing. Upon closer inspection by Tawna, one was a dwarf, and the other, hard to tell, with strange orange and black skin, like the surface of cooling lava. When the party approached the two, expecting a fight, they were met by a Fire Genasi, named Ixilis, who introduced himself, and explained that they were here to “corral” the elemental, and bring them back to their Kingdom, under the protection and guidance of Roykl, their king. The party inquired further, and asked to join them, which they did, and followed Ixilis and Idred back through the winding passages, deeper into the volcano, until coming to a very large stone and metal door. Upon entering, the group was greeted by a small, but thriving city, made up of a number of different races and cultures. Gnomes, Dwarves, Deep Dwarves, Goblins, Fire Genasi and even a couple Goliaths, seemed to all be living in this magma lit city. They were led through the city, finally coming to an extraordinarily large hall, with massive gates and pillars, a flowing lavafall behind a massive beautifully carved stone throne that looked to be ancient, and a massive anvil. As they approached, they were met by a Fire Giant, stepping through the lavafall, and taking his place on the throne, this was King Roykl, Introduced as the first smith, the ever burning, and king of these halls. The party spoke briefly with Roykl, before being shown around the city, where they did some shopping, and found some potential for future work, and then sat down for a brief dinner with the king and some of his court. That night, they were put up in the city, and when they left, they were on their way back to Duram when they were accosted by some thugs, trying to take advantage of stragglers from the evacuation.
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