Session #14: Chasing Ghosts and Secrets

After a nights rest, the party enters the dwarven face shaped door in the cliff face, finding  a dark hallway with several offshoots. Setting up an alarm spell along the main passage, the group proceeds down one of the smaller halls, discovering what was once probably an amphitheater for some type of entertainment.

Nordred, familiar with the architecture type, informs the rest that this would have been the home of the owner of the Quarry used to create the walls surrounding Duram.

Entering the large round room, they hear the quiet a creature, mumbling sounds in the distance, when Nordred trips, making enough noise to grab its attention, and out of the darkness, a small cantaloupe sized Gazer appears.

While Tawna and Hemingar attempt to sneak around to see if there is an exit from the room, which they find, Nairb summons a pack of wolves to surround the creature before turning into one himself, and alerting the Nothic that was still slumbering in the chamber. The Gazer, frightened, reacted by using two of its eye rays to frighten and daze two of the wolves, while Nordred rushed in to attack.

Moments later, the Nothic appears, and lets out a scream of anguish, as its pet is torn to shreds by the wolves, only to be itself, dismembered by the pack.

The party continued on, with Nordred searching the stage area of the large round amphitheater and discovering a beautifully made Mithril War pick, that seemed to tell him what elements were located around him.

As the party continued to search the creepy “abandoned” dwarven villa, they located another Gazer, though this one did not approach directly, and Tawna, feeling somewhat bad about the other ones death, tried to comfort the small aberration, leaving it to follow her around for a time.

Nearly an hour into searching the area, the group was struck by the presence of a voice, quietly piercing into their minds, asking what they had come for, and then revealing that it had Mercer Loren, their query in it’s possession. It requested that they come and talk, as the entity had not had a good conversation in some time.

Agreeing, Hemingar led the party to the spot it indicated, and they were greeted by four more Nothics, servants of the entity, surrounded by 9 Stone Statues, one of which was of a partially reformed Mercer Loren.

The entity revealed its name, Thesh, to the party, before floating down from above and identifying itself as a Beholder. It explained that it collects and trades in secrets and knowledge, and mainly just wants to be left alone to study the mysteries of how magic items have come into existence in such great quantities over the past thousand years. Thesh asks the group a favor, in exchange for ridding them of the need to kill Mercer, and for the fact that they killed one of its servants, it asked that they locate a specific Axe, forged using the knowledge of the Dwarves and Elves, some time ago, that is currently being held deep below. If they will bring it the Axe, or the knowledge used to create it, then they will be even, and Thesh may even gift them with some of its knowledge, or power.

The party tentatively agreed, and took Mercer to head back towards Duram. Along the way, the party realized that the Gazer that Tawna had spared had continued to follow her, seemingly treating her as its new master, though Nordred greatly disliked this idea and attempted to kill it on sight, the Gazer disappeared, though Tawna could still hear it nearby.

Upon arriving at Duram, the group dropped off Mercer at the council, whom reassembled the statue and used a greater restoration spell to bring him hack to a corporeal form and tend to his injuries before locking him away.

The rest of the evening, Hemingar and Nairb went to the Duram’s Draught tavern where they first met, and took place in a bar fight, while Nordred spent some time with his clan, and Tawna went back to her apartment along the outskirts of the city.

At her apartment, Tawna spent a bit of time with the Gazer, instructing it to stay here, where it quickly froze a rat with its eye ray and then ate it, and realizing that this creature could be of use, instructed it to come with her, but to remain invisible if it could.

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