Session #15: Feels like we’re being watched

Several days after delivering the petrified form of Mercer Loren to the Aerie Council, the party spends their time doing a myriad of different things. Tawna spent her time trying to locate some extra protection for her new companion “Bob” the Gazer, and ended up finding a smith who would custom build a Mithril helm for the miniature beholder. Hemingar journeyed to the Dursain Academy in search of stories and histories related to Roykl, and the possibility of the Axe that Thesh mentioned being in his possession, and discovering that it was probably in reference to an axe, forged by Roykl himself and given to one of the first Dwarven Kings in this region. Nairb decided to try to rob a bank to give the coin to the orphanage in Duram, he was however, unable to figure out how to break into the vault while in his wildshaped Rat form. And Nordred decided to visit the council, to make a case for them to travel south and begin making raids to help the war effort.

Each night while they slept, Hemingar and Nordred have been having the horrible feeling of being watched, which Nordred attributes to the sneaky gazer who Tawna is keeping as a pet.

As they travel south, Hemingar encounters something watching the group one night, and manages to get a shot off with his bow, injuring the creature, which he believes to be a wolf. After this, they continue their journey to Dawn’s Ridge, and then to the SouthEast Watchtower to meet up with the Duram Army.

Upon arriving, they are informed that the Military has formed a defensive blockade, making it difficult for anyone from Pine March to come through, they have also began attempting to make raids on the nearby towns of Durhacz and Murtova. The raids however, have been so far thwarted by flanking maneuvers by a group of hit and run cavalry from Pine March, led by a Knight in all black, wearing just a flat black banner, accompanied by a semi transparent female figure, a mage of some sort, and a single Dark Elf.

Hearing about the troubles they have been having, the party decides to try to set a trap for the cavalry, and setup an ambush near the town of Durhacz. The party was just getting in position when several zombies and skeletons moved over a boulder and began shuffling towards the group, followed by multiple other living enemies who began to surround the decoy convoy of Dwarves.

The battle was over relatively quickly, halfway through however, the woman and knight both turned and departed the field of battle, and the mage disappearing shortly after. The party was able to clean up the remainder of the enemies, capturing the Dark Elf and handing him over to the Dwarves to interrogate before quickly moving to follow the Knight before he could get to far away.

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