Session #16: A Knights Trail

The party began following the knights trail after he left the battle, handing the Drow mage over to the Dwarves to interrogate and deal with as they saw fit. Shortly after leaving the battlefield, the party decided to make a quick camp to rest a bit as the trail for the Knight was fairly clear and easy to follow. As they rested, it began to get darker, dusk settled, and a fog formed, causing visibility to become significantly more difficult.

The party began to see figures moving in the mist, and a zombie, wight and large undead ogre came shambling through the path near their camp, the wight noticing Hemingar and moving to attack.

The party was able to defeat the undead fairly quickly, and decided it would be best to follow the knight as quickly as possible. Nordred and Tawna were able to follow the tracks reasonably well, and were able to avoid any more tangles with roaming undead. They followed the trail to an old cemetery, where they entered an old temple of some sort on the grounds, inside they found the mage and wraith who had fled with the knight, and quickly engaged, only to have the mage once again flee the battle. The wraith and Nordred traded blows, and she was eventually defeated when Tawna jumped from the bushes and slashed her with her magical dagger.

Continuing on, the party came to a ruined home, probably the old groundskeeper home for the cemetery. The tracks for both the mage, and the Knight leading into the ruins of the building, and through the trees, as they approach, the party can hear wolves howling in the distance.

As they make their way through the paths behind the ruined building, they find a tall, well built and newly constructed stone wall, approximately 14 ft. tall, with a steel portcullis. Through the gate, they see a 15 ft. tall tower, with the Knight, Kerafim and the Mage, Lucias, at the top, the Mage is casting a spell into a 10 ft. round disk on the ground.

Hemingar heaves Tawna onto the gate tower, and just as he does, several werewolves burst from the bushes behind them, one grabbing Hemingar. Kerafim decends from the tower, opens the portcullis, and challenges Nordred to a duel. With the two of them engaged, Tawna begins to fire at the Mage who remains casting, while Nairb turns into a wolf to battle one of the werewolves.

The party fights bravely, though they are overwhelmed, and one by one, Kerafim cuts the group down. Tawna, still hiding on top of the tower, is out of sight, and watches as the Knight and Mage, accompanied by the werewolves, drag the unconscious members of the group through the portal that the mage had opened at the top of the tower. Following them through a moment later, Tawna and her “pet” gazer, track the knight and his retinue for two and a half days, until they finally reach a ruined city, mostly leveled and surrounded by death, and into a lone building, covered in glowing purple and green magical wards.

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