Session #17: Captives in Karkulis

Tawna followed the Knight, Kerafim, his mage companion, and his retinue of Werewolves while they carried Hemingar, Nairb and Nordred through the forest towards the ruined former capital of the region, Karkulis. Once the stronghold of the evil (some say lich) Emperor, Fermias Vorokoi. They entered a large structure covered in glowing glyphs, and Tawna began to search for another, less guarded way into the fortress.

Over the next day and a half, the party awakened, stripped of their equipment, and locked in solid stone cells with only a bed, a table and a bucket, along with a fist sized pulsing green gem surrounded by abyssal writings embedded in the ceiling. Unable to escape, they waited, sometimes screaming to see if others could hear them. Nairb broke the table, and began to try to fashion some makeshift weapons, while Hemingar destroyed the bed and table in order to make a cudgel and temporary shield. 

Tawna eventually found her way into the inner gates of the fortress, only to find that the building itself was an illusion, an image of what the building had once been, but no longer is. Surrounded by rubble, the halfling rogue entered a small cave in the destruction, and found several guards, though unaware of her presence. She was able to sneak past, and in time, able to locate the cells of her companions… Or so she thought.

 Opening one of the cells with a pressure plate in a small hole in the door, the grinding noise thankfully not alerting a group of guards nearby, Tawna was greeted by a human man, not of her company, who introduced himself as Dill. He and Tawna then began to open the rest of the cells, attempting to locate both her companions, and his. 

After opening the remaining cells, the groups were both reunited, and began to try to make their escape, they were interrupted however by several guards, werewolves in their human forms, and one with a pistol of unusual make. A fight ensued, with the party easily defeating the guards, though not without one of the newcomers, a half-elf man named Tebron, being bit. The half-elf woman, Thiara, explained that they were captured, while trying to locate and either capture or kill her mother, the Queen, Anmara Loren.

After the introductions and finding their equipment, the two groups parted ways, the new group going deeper into the broken fortress of Kerafim, and Tawna, Hemingar, Nordred and Nairb deciding that they were going to go back north, to try to destroy the Knights means of travelling around so quickly, the Teleportation circles.

Spending the next day and a half travelling and avoiding undead and patrols, the party arrived at the cave entrance that Tawna knew the circle was in, and upon entering discovered something else, and far older than the circle the knight was using… An old Elven Gate, now active, Nairb postulating that it was due to the timeframe, and it being the summer solstice. He sent a conjured wolf through, while using beast sense, to see what was on the other side, and was greeted with the site of a dark stone room, with a dark hallway, and looking up, a beautiful night sky filled with stars.

Not wanting this device to be used by the Knight, Nordred decided to destroy the onyx stone that seemed to be powering the gate. In doing so, however, the gate began to change colors approximately every minute. Blue, to Yellow, to Green, to Red, to Purple, to Black and then back to Blue.

Curious, he went through when the gateway turned green, and arrived in a very dark place, where he heard an ominous clicking sound. Rushing back through the gate, and followed by a phase spider, which attacked immediately.

The group was able to destroy it, but not without Nairb suffering some severe injuries. 

They decided to try one more thing to attempt to close that gate, and Nairb used all his available power to cast dispel magic on the gateway control stone and glyphs. This worked, and the gateway went dormant.

The party they decided to take up camp for the remainder of the day and night and await to see if anyone came through the other, dormant teleportation circle that the Knights mage companion had made, and either ambush them, or jump through after it was active.

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<p>Ken “Caethial” Hinxman is a Husband, Video Game Developer, Dungeon Master and Fantasy Cartographer</p>

One Comment on "Session #17: Captives in Karkulis"

    As a note, the characters the party encountered during this session, Thiara Loren (Daughter of Queen Anmara Loren), Tebron Daggerthorne, Dill and his half-ling companion/master were all characters that my wife and some of our friends played in our first campaign in this setting (set in the area south of pine march, in the Dutchy of Silverwater) run by our friend Andy, who now plays Hemingar. The characters fates were never decided in the past campaign, as the group was unable to move forward.

    I will be adding these characters and some of their backstory to the NPCs page for the campaign soon.

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