Session #2: Cullpeppers Fate (Part 2) and meeting with the Prince

The party spent the night in the goblin caves, searching the area for the crates of firearms, which they found along with a quiver of magical arrows and a moon-touched longsword. Continuing on deeper into the cave, they discovered the remaining goblins which Hemingar had located earlier, and spent several minutes dispatching them without to much trouble. Basil worked on a pulley system to move the crates, while Nairb, Tawna, Nordred and Athanon went to get one of the wagons from the original goblin ambush. Nairb wild shaped into an Ox to pull the cart all the way back to the city, where they delivered the crates of firearms back to Cullpepper and collect their reward. Nordred and Athanon worked on building a blunderbuss while the remainder of the group went out to either acquire new equipment or visit one of the local temples to gather some information. Upon returning to the Duram Draught Tavern for the night, they were greeted by one of the Homeguard named Talisen, the Ruling Councils personal guard, and escorted to the home of Merchant Prince Fargrim Brazzik, the current ruler of the Aerie Council, upon request of Adviser Rhizzad, the princes Elven adviser. Reaching the Prince’s home, they were led into the upstairs study, where the adviser and prince explained the situation. Cullpepper had nearly immediately informed the Prince of the situation with the Goblins, and of the work that the party did to regain his stolen equipment, and suggested that if his friend was having some issues of his own, that they may be a good place to look for additional security.
The Prince informed the group on not one, but two issues which came up while they were out dealing with the goblins. Firstly, that one of the Homeguard had attempted to kidnap his daughter, Amberle Brazzik, for unknown reasons, and Second, that while he was doing so, there was an attempt on her life by some strange unknown creatures. While they group was getting this information however, the prince’s home was being infiltrated by those same creatures. The princes, having been briefly attacked, locked herself in her room, while the other HomeguardĀ  attempted to get her to saftey, and secure the house, they however failed, and were not seen again. The party rushed into the hallway, encountering several of the small oily black creatures they would later discover to be called Vorokai Darklings, and went to battle, defeating the four that had managed their way upstairs, disguised as some of the Homeguard, and discovering that the princess had fled from the home, and then defeating the other four which had remained downstairs. The group now has a decision to make, do they rush after the young Dwarven princess, securing House Brazzik’s station as Merchant Prince and head of the Council, do they search for the source of the Vorokai Darklings, these strange fabled creatures seemingly out of nightmares, or simply go on their way, avoiding the conflict and living their lives as normal.
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