Session #21: The War to the South

The party makes there way south, and decide on the way that they will make their passage through Pine March easier, if done by boat. They hop on a trade barge headed south, and make their way down the Jota river from the border of Duram and into Berlexing itself.

Initially planning to head further south to hit the Pine March military from the back, while distracted by the forces of Silverwater, they opted to put that plan on hold while they gather information on Berlexing and the Queen herself.

While in Berlexing, the party split up, Tawna and Hemingar going off to see what rumors or dissidence they could find, while Nairb wandered the city as an inconspicuous cat, and Nordred stayed back at a Duram Ex-Patriot’s bar.

Hemingar and Tawna followed a shifty individual into an inn and tavern on the other side of the foreign district of Berlexing, called the Jumpy Gentleman, and managed to gather quite a bit of information as the Bard bargained for some extra coin while performing for the patronage, while Tawna danced on the bar to get a better vantage point on the establishment.

In typical Hemingar fashion, he began with normal bard songs, and then slowly transitioned into those which would draw out those loyal, or disloyal to the Queen. In doing this, he caused a small bar fight between He and Tawna, and three guards. However, this lead them to follow the tavern owner into the basement, where they discovered a secret room, and made a deal to return in two nights for a “meeting” of disgruntled citizens, where they planned to discuss the current state of the city, and the country, apparently being backed up by the local thieves guild.

While Hemingar and Tawna were off sowing chaos, Nordred got into a conversation with the failing bar owner, and discovered that business had been fairly poor. Talking the owner into partnering with him while he slowly purchased the bar over the next few months, he inadvertently established a small foothold in the capital of their known enemy.

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