Session #3: An Adviser’s Call

After the party cleaned up the attacking creatures, these Vorokai Darklings, small fey creatures created in ages past as spies and assassins for Emperor Vorokai himself, they were summoned back up stairs to Prince Fargrim Brazziks study once more, to find the smoldering after effects of a fire bolt, and the oily smear of another darkling who had attacked the prince with a “dagger of venom”, covered with black vein poison while the party was downstairs. Adviser Rhizzad carries the prince to his stateroom, where Athanon begins to heal him, though not fully, at least stemming the damage from the poison, and stopping it from progressing. The Adviser informs the party that he will perform a scrying ritual to locate the abducted princess, and that the consequences for doing so are fairly harsh. He finds that the princess is being taken, unconscious, to the home of Council rival, Samuel Etrari, and that Home-guard Talisen is with her. As the party leaves to pursue them, Rhizzad slips the dagger into the rear of the belt of the half-ling, Tawna, unknowingly. The party arrives at the Councillors home on the other side of the Aerie ward of the city, and discovers it nearly abandoned, with two guards outside, one of which is dead, the other on deaths door. Tawna and Hemingar begin to infiltrate the premises, while “Brothers” Nordred and Athanon kick in the front door. The home is empty, though Nairb, wild shaped into a horse, discovers that the princess Amberle and Talisen were indeed here, though where is unknown. They search the empty home, locating a locked door, containing the seemingly enshrined room of the presumed deceased father of Samuel Etrari, William, a renowned Alchemist and former Nominee to the Aerie Council. Upon searching the entire house, Nairb locates a secret entrance to a subterranean level, while Nordred runs outside to attract the attention of the “local authorities” and the party descends into the darkness. Finding a small room with a fountain, and Tawna notices that the door on the far side of the room closes slowly as she enters the room. Quietly, the party begins to search the room, though Nairb decides to play in the fountain, wild shaped as a wolf. Tawna and Hemingar search a northern hallway where they locate a pit trap obscured by a thick layer of fog and mist, while Nairb’s frolicking attracts the attention of the guards who were posted in the next room, along with a a strange armored Zombie, which was present with them. Defeating the Zombie and one of the guards, and knocking out a third, Hemingar talks with one the remaining conscious guard, which he had used the spell friends on, to discover that the guards who were found dead and dying were “traitors” to the house, and that the guards down here are in fact guarding the estate, and according to him, Lord William Etrari is not dead, but in fact very much alive, and that theĀ  Zombies are some of his “experiments with Alchemy”. While the party was engaged, Tawna was exploring a small crypt she located at the back of the trapped hallway, and in doing so, awoke a second zombie, which attacked her, and chased her into the hallway where she tricked it into falling into the pit trap. Continuing on, the party locked the remaining guard in the guardhouse, and proceeded to locate an Armory, and a prison with a woman and her two children, whom William had apparently been experimenting on. Nairb stayed with the small family to tend to their condition and give them some additional food and water, while the rest of the party continued into a natural cavern. In the cavern, while crossing a bridge, Nordred was attacked by a Nothic, nearly killing him. Once dispatched, Athanon found a beautiful silver sheath, while Hemingar located the Long sword “Talon”, in the chasm that the Nothic was using as a lair. The party pushed forward, after healing Nordred a bit, and located two more rooms, quietly peeking into one, Tawna found 4 more guards, drunk, and playing cards around a table, with the fourth throwing a dagger at a dart board. Backing out of that room, they opened the door across the hall to find an alchemists workshop, full of apparatus and bubbling liquids, and a monkey like creature that they saw perched on the shoulder of William Etrari in the portrait in his locked and enshrined bedroom.
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<p>Ken “Caethial” Hinxman is a Husband, Video Game Developer, Dungeon Master and Fantasy Cartographer</p>

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