Session #6: Denizens of Shadow

The party awakened about a mile outside the town they cleared out the night before, and quickly dispatched the lone zombie shambling through the trees. After which they packed up, and headed out towards the city, keeping to the road. A few miles outside the city, they began seeing some strange bobbing lights in the farmlands on the sides of the road, with a strange purplish blue color to them. Deciding the lights were not so important, they continued on, only to discover one of the lights was in the middle of the road, and when they attempted to pass, it began to pulse, and attracted some of the others from the fields around them. Nairb decided to see what would happen if he got close to one of them, and was quickly and violently shocked, which also provoked the others that had began to gather into “investigating” the party members, attempting to fly through them, and each time, the member getting a not so minor shock. After several moments, the party was able to dissipate two of the glowing wisps of light, and the other two that had joined disappeared on their own. A short time later, the group made it back to the city. Outside the walls, a shieldwall had been setup, to allow refugees from the farm lands time to enter the city while the guards fended off skeletons and zombies who would surely attack the townsfolk. Hemingar, seeing the group of undead, snuck into their ranks, and used thunderwave, to disrupt them even quicker, while Tawna dispatched several herself, and Nairb, wildshaped into a war horse, and ran several of his own down. Being thanked by the soldiers, the group headed inside the city, as large groups of undead were starting to approach, this was starting to look like a siege. Nordred went to see what he could find out about what the city leaders know about the situation, and was directed by Rhizzad to the Dersain Academy, he met up with the remainder of the group, and passed by an area of the city under heavy quarantine, it seems the unnatural conditions caused by the rift outside the city were starting to spread, and undead were popping up in places they shouldn’t be able to. The group met with the Dersain counsil, several high ranking mages and wizards within the academy, and after giving their report about what caused the rift in the first place, were informed that it would take a massive amount of energy to close it. They were given a clue as to the location of a possible source of such power, an orb, similar to the one used to open the rift. But it is uncertain as to whether the artifact is indeed still in the ruins where the archmage remembers seeing it as a child. He dispatches the group to find it, sixty miles to the north east, in an ancient elven ruin.
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