Session #7: The Ruins of Lxanthom

The party departed from Duram early in the morning after meeting with the archmage and gathering supplies. The second night of their two and a half day journey, the two will-o-wisps that had disappeared in their first encounter reappeared. The first, Hemingar persuaded to leave, the other, remained throughout the night, hovering over the campfire while he kept watch, departing at first light. When the party arrived at the location at the end of the unworked trail, the found a glacial runoff lake, with several old dilapidated buildings around and inside it, with the large one with the half collapsed dome in the center of the lake. Searching around the lake and in the interior of the buildings, the group decided this is probably the ancient elven ruins they were told about. Nairb decided to investigate the lake itself, beast shaping into a fresh water shark, and diving in, then jumped the small lip of the central dome into the interior of the collapsed portion. Inside he found shallow water and a submerged pathway leading into the interior of the building itself. Exploring into the tunnel, Nairb encountered several locked doors in one direction, and a large surprisingly clean open room in the other. Investigating the open room, he discovered two large gelatinous cubes which had effectively cleaned out the chamber, and began to move in on him and his summoned “cow” companion (You’re not alone, I don’t know why he likes to summon large animals in confined spaces either). Escaping the cubes, though sacrificing the cow to do so, Nairb ventured back out of the dome to meet up with his companions, who were inspecting the buildings and preparing a raft to make their way across the lake to the dome. Once inside, the party dispatched the two cubes, though not without summoning another large animal (a rhino this time) to help with the second cube. and down the hallway encountered a pathway leading down again, this one filled with water, the chamber itself however, contained three statues to great elven generals, Lxanthom, whom this area was named after, Estaliviom, and Falikrom. Hemingar also found a shield made of a very light dark reddish black metal (arrow catching shield), which he offered his current shield to the statue as a replacement. Unable (or unwilling) to proceed through the passage, they doubled back to the locked doors Nairb had encountered before, which Tawna was able to pick fairly easily, and were presented with an unexpected site, a dwarven forge and kilns in an elven ruin, along with a half constructed stone golem. When the party moved into the room, they were greeted by two dwarven spirits, which did not like the answers they were given by the party Dwarf, Nordred, and attacked, eventually possessing Nordred, though they were defeated shortly later.
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