Session #8: in Search of the Orb

After resting for an hour, the party moved into the next room in the ruins of Lxanthom, surprisingly untouched by time. With four statues, an elf in a robe pouring a wine glass, an elf reading from a large tome, an elf in armor with a broken longsword, and an elven child. Along with the statues, there were two large bookshelves, and a large table with recently used candlabras. Searching through the bookshelves, there were several books of interest, but only one that they decided to take with them, an tome written in ancient dwarvish, on the subject of the creation of golums. Proceeding through the doorway in the room, the party proceeded down the staircase and into a large cavern with a ziggurate with a structure at the peak and a large blueish white orb at the top, and a shaft of light coming from the cave ceiling. Upon sending his summoned dinosaur to the top of the pyramid to attempt to grab the Orb, they realized this wasn’t the correct orb. Hemingar and Tawna traversed to the top to see if they could identify the orb, in doing so, they found four more statues, 3 of which were made of stone, and the fourth, made of metal. Tawna accidentally triggered a switch on the metal statue, and the Guardian of Lxanthom’s Sphere attempted to grab her. At the same time the Golum came to life, the center of the small structure raised, revealing the Elven Sphere of Remembrance the party came to retrieve. Nordred rushed up the stairs while Tawna and Hemingar engaged the Guardian, and grabbed the Orb. This caused the Guardian to go into a failsafe, to prevent the Orb from being stolen. As the party rushed away, and the Guardian exploded, destroying the top of the Ziggurate and causing a good portion of the cavern to collapse. The group then decided to check out the other exit out of the cavern, but found it to be the lair of a red slaad, and so they ran, having taken a significant beating from the Guardian, and not wanting to risk further injury. Fleeing the cavern and the ruins itself, the party made their way out to the shoreline where they camped in one of the crumbling buildings for the night. When they awoke, Nairb noticed fresh tracks in the snow, leaving the area. They began heading back to Duram, noticing that they crossed paths with the tracks multiple times during their journey, Until just before they reached the city, when they were attacked by a strange creature resembling an elf, whose features seemed to shift between beautiful elven grace and ancient wrinkled and dead looking. The Gloom Weaver attacked, throwing a dangerous spear at Nairb, nearly killing him, while Nairb summoned a giant eagle to carry Tawna and the Orb back to the city while they fend off the ambusher. The battle went quickly, with the party narrowly defeating the foe and rushed back to the city. Meanwhile, Tawna delivered the Orb to the Archmage of the Dursain academy, and after a short mental battle with the orb, and the aid of one of the other mages, the Orb cracked, unleashing its energy and causing the breach to the Shadowfell to slowly close. After the cleanup of the city, the Aerie Council conceived and requested the party meet with them. Once there, gifted the Etreri Manor to them, they also informed the party that Duram would be dedicating nearly its entire military force to the front line in the south. Offering the party the opportunity to go south with the military, or to stay behind in the city and function as Legionnaires, protecting the city, and running missions to keep the city and its people safe. The party accepted the offer to become legionnaires.
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