Session #9: Legionnaires

The party awoke 4 days after the rift was closed, and was summoned to the Aerie Council chambers with a request from the Council to look into Councilwoman Gurdis Gorunn’s 6 year old daughter. Shortly after the rift was closed,  she began noticing strange behavior and happenings around her manor, a strange black fog seemed to surround her daughter, who had begun talking to herself and was becoming increasingly aggressive. The party arrived at her Manor to find the councilwoman in a panic, her guards had all fled, and several priests and cleric who had come in to advise on her daughter had been chased off, one of which was thrown out a window, and another who had been killed fleeing down the stairs. Upon moving to the upstairs portion of the house, they noticed a strange black smoke emanating from the hallway towards the little girls bedroom. Nairb, the party druid and Hemingar both proceeded down the hallway through the smoke, to find the child, sitting peacefully, talking to herself about dolls. Nairb decided to attempt to use a wind wall to force the smoke to clear, but it had a different effect, causing the smoke to coalesce into an Allip, who had been influencing the child. Hemingar rushed into the room, grabbed the child, and rushed out, avoiding a quick swipe from the Allip, and began rushing the girl to safety. Nairb then summoned two bears in the girls room and transformed himself to fight the Undead smoke monster. Tawna and Nordred rushed into the room, firing and swinging, and the party was able to destroy the monster with a loud shriek. The girl whose connection to the creature was severed, struggled and attempted to bite Hemingar several times before he finally was able to get her to the Temple in the center of the district, where she was taken care of by the clerics and priests, and consoled by her very thankful mother. The party returned to the Council to retrieve their payment for the task, and to get intelligence on the other job they had been told about. Talisen, the traitor Homeguard who kidnapped Princess Amberle Brazzik had been spotted in the southern border town of Dawns Ridge. The group traveled south to Dawns Ridge, and after some scouting and information gathering, they discovered that Talisen had been seen with several shady figures posing as Duram Soldiers. They followed the path northeast to a hidden fortified manor house along the ridge, where Tawna snuck over the wall to get a better look. She discovered several guards on patrol, along with four in the guard towers, and a red haired noble with two other individuals in the house. To signal her companions, Tawna light one of the guard towers on fire, and then in the panic, opened the gate to let the others in. Nairb summoned a pack of wolves, and then turned himself into a Dire Wolf, while Nordred, Tawna and Hemingar moved into the main house to search for Talisen and Amberle, but instead found Lord Mercer Loren, one of the many children of Queen Anmara Loren of Pine March. He was accompanied by two Vorokhoi Bane Zombies, who attacked. In the battle, Nordred and Hemingar were nearly killed, but they managed to knock out Mercer, and shackle him. They discovered from the remaining guards, whom Nairb had commanded the other wolves to trap in one of the guard towers, that Talisen and Amberle had gone northwest to one of the abandoned mines in the Ridge. The party decided to rest before heading to the mines and inspect the equipment that Mercer had on him, a holy symbol of the Dawnseekers, an old cult of Aurentuli, the Sun God, the ring of Saint Augustus, one of the Cults primary priests, and a strange magical dagger.
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