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Session 6: Denizens of Shadow

The party awakened about a mile outside the town they cleared out the night before, and quickly dispatched the lone zombie shambling through the trees. After which they packed up, and headed out towards the city, keeping to the road.

Session 5: Displaced Denizens

Turning to the north after leaving the forest and heading for the Rift visible in the sky slightly to the east of the city of Duram, the party follows the road.

Session 4: Strange Occurrences

As the party was infiltrating the estate of Samuel Etriri, one of the Aerie Council members of Duram, Basil Blackburn was scouring the city looking for additional information on the Darklings they encountered at the Merchant Prince’s Estate.

Session 3: An Advisor’s Call

After the battle with the Vorokai Darklings, Adviser Rhizzad summons the party back to the study, where the find the effects of a fire bolt spell, the slimy oily black remains of another darkling, and an injured Prince Fargrim Brazzik, seemingly stabbed with a dagger, slick with black vein poison.

Session 1: Commencement

Six students from the El’Thenar Academy, with varying studies from the Arcane to Divine, Martial and Mercenary are brought together by the Dean of the Academy to undergo a secret mission in the warring south of the continent. A mission that if failed, could mean the supremacy for the invading Sus’Ket orc Empire.

Session 2: Cullpeppers Fate (Part 2) and meeting with the Prince.

The party spent the night in the goblin caves, searching the area for the crates of firearms, which they found along with a quiver of magical arrows and a moon-touched longsword. Continuing on deeper into the cave, they discovered the remaining goblins which Hemingar had located earlier…

Session 1: Cullpepper’s Fate, Stolen Shipments

On the 10th day of the 3rd month, on the Northern side of Duram, in the city which holds the same name, 7 adventurers randomly meet in the Duram’s Draught tavern, one of the finest taverns in the residential ward of the city. Greeted by the old gnomish engineer, Maeyln Garrick, the adventurers are offered what seems like a large amount of gold in order to retrieve some stolen property from an unknown party.

Session #0: Character Creation and Setting Overview

The campaign will be starting at level 2, and will be using the creation rules found in the player handbook. We’ll also be experimenting with milestone experience, meaning that characters would level after significant events, or every couple of sessions to keep things moving along at a pretty even pace…

Digital Gaming Table “DM Extension”

Finished Digital Gaming Table “DM” Extension. 1x 3/4″x34″x36″ Pine board, 1x 2″x4″ studd (for legs and supports) 2x metal brackets. Screws used 1 3/4″ wood screws, 1/2″ wood screws. 2x 2 1/2″ wood screws.. Corners cut to match the table. Staining will be done soon.

Home Game Setup

My setup for my home games, table was built by two of my players (Matt Binter and Leo Duran) and myself on New Years Eve 2016, was the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had, great friends and we’ve gotten a ton of use out of the table. The TV isRead More…

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