Latest Campaign Sessions

Notes from the most recent RPG campaign sessions I\'ve either played in or dungeon mastered

Session #0: Character Creation

The campaign will be starting at level 1, and will be using the creation rules found in the player handbook. The setting is Andy’s Kethos Campaign Setting, you don’t need to read the entire thing, its long, both he and I can help to determine where your characters are from etc. We will be using […]

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Session #26: Finale

Spending the evening back at home after returning from the fight with Holgresh, the Black Dragon, the party attempts to rest and recover. Anexi, the parties guide to the north has already chartered a caravan to bring supplied and himself, back to his small northern village of Snowcliff. The next day, the group disperses to […]

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Session #25: The Black Dragon

Arriving through the portal, the party finds themselves in a dark cavern with strange light flickering along the ground. Hemingar discovers that they are within a very large underwater cavern with a semi-transparent quartz like ceiling, allowing light through from the surface far above. Exploring the cavern, the party begins to search for the tracks […]

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Session #24: Lithos Eremion

Awakening in the caverns under the mountain range in the far north, having the night before killed a pair of Slaads that stumbled upon them, the party began making its way through the labyrinth of pathways and tunnels once used long ago as mines. Spending nearly a week wandering through the upper levels of the […]

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