Latest Campaign Sessions

Notes from the most recent RPG campaign sessions I\'ve either played in or dungeon mastered

Session #22: Findings and Fightings

The party battles their way into the Queens palace and attempts to end her reign in a way most fitting for a violent and evil queen.

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Session #21: The War to the South

The party makes their way through Pine March on a barge headed down river from Duram to Berlexing, where they begin their search for information on the Queen.

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Session #20: Frozen Fire

The party discovers an ancient Dragon has been imprisoned within the Halls of Honor, and must make a decision to either deal with the Queen now, or to let Silverwater handle her, and move against the Dragon

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Session #19: Decisions

The party heads back to Duram to try to convince King Roykl, the Fire Giant to aid them in their fight against Pine March.

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