My initial feelings about Starfield



6/20/20232 min read

I don't often give my opinion or spread hype for games... But I decided to make an exception for Bethesda's upcoming game, "Starfield".

Given my love of Science Fiction, Survival and Exploration games, and the fact that I play some fps shooters, Starfield is an interesting subject for me for the following reasons.

Being a Bethesda game, it's going to be huge, right off the bat... And because of its size, we all know it is more than likely going to have its fair share of bugs. It's just not possible to test every iteration of everything in a game this size, regardless of the size of your QA team. However, that's part of the fun of Bethesda games, finding random bugs that cause strange effects or just wild situations.

Now with that being said, we honestly don't know if that will be the case. The game was delayed from Nov 22, 2022 to Sept 6, 2023... that'd quite a while to delay and yes, there have been a lot of changes visually since then, which is good, but it also gives them time to prioritize and fix a lot of issues that they may have discovered.

Graphically, Starfield looks amazing, clearly the team at Bethesda has spent a lot of time and effort to get a game of this size to look so pretty. The lighting and textures are just stunning and probably as close to realism as I've seen in a game of this scale. Character faces and animations seem to still contain that traditional Bethesda charm... Not quite real looking, and with somewhat disturbing expressions. We've all seen them in Skyrim and Fallout, they can be creepy... but you know what? I wouldn't have a BGS game any other way, its part of the feel of their style of game and I'm ok with that.

Gameplay looks great, you aren't limited to a couple things to do, really, the universe is at your disposal, with a wide focus on different things you can do. including but not limited to:

  • Space and Ground Exploration

  • Ground FPS combat

  • Space Ship Combat

  • Settlement Building

  • Ship and Weapon Modification

  • Smuggling

  • Piracy

  • General Questing.

  • and Much More.

Keeping the above in mind, with over 1000 planets to explore, many of which feature settlements, cities and creatures, there is a massive amount of content to experience is impressive.

Single player gameplay is a staple of just about all Bethesda games, with the exception of really only two titles, all their games have been very single player focused. The ability to craft a long involved story is one of the things they do best.

Multiplayer? Nope, none, at least not that has been talked about, and frankly, that's probably for the best. Personally, the only kind of Multiplayer I would want to see would be one of two things... Either

  1. Small scale co-op, where only two or three people can play together, connecting to the hosts game and take on the role of a companion to the main character.

  2. A Starfield Online, much like Red Dead Redemption had, where it is completely separate from the story, has different characters and is exclusively online.

Offline and Online play should never cross.

If you're asking yourself if I am excited for the game, the answer is yes, It's one of the few games I have pre-ordered in the last decade.

My view of Starfield is basically this... The game is a combination of features of No Man's Sky + Elite Dangerous + Star Citizen + Destiny 2 + Red Dead Redemption 2... which, all equals one huge and very exciting game.